Kota Marudu Member of Parliament

Profile of Kota Marudu

Legendary Beginnings

Kota Marudu was originally known as Bandau. This name was used until 1974 before Sabah gained her independence through Malaysia. According to legends, Bandau is derived from a Kadazan word 'Mondou' which means a ghost that resemble a buffalo. According to beliefs, Mondou was frequently found along the Bandau river.

Historical Background

The district of Kota Marudu has its history traced back to the year 1845 or earlier with the rise of Sharif Osman, a local independence fighter from Kota Marudu.

Bandau was renamed Kota Marudu during the USNO rule. The name change was proposed by the State Assemblyman at that time, The Hon Datuk Idrus Matakim @ Andrew Matakim.

The name Kota Marudu was chosen to replace Bandau in commemoration of the existence of a town or fort located in the Marudu Bay and used by Sharif Osman and his followers to fight against the British Colonialist in the 1900s. To this day, Sharif Osman's grave and fort is still found in Kampung Marudu.

During the Chartered Company's rule established on 1st November 1881, the district was opened up for the cultivation of rubber and tobacco. The tobacco farm was within the area of Bandau town and was developed by the Dutch. Rubber was developed by an English company in Langkon. A jetty was built in Bandau town for the purpose of ferrying the tobacco on to the small ships for export. At that time, Bandau was widely referred to as Bandau Port. Other than rubber and tobacco, coal mines was also opened up in Kampun Tanjung Batu by an English company. The coal mine was closed before the 1920s.

Location and Area

The district of Kota Marudu has an area of 1,917 square kilometres or 740 square miles. According to the map, the Kota Marudu district is located between the latitude of 6° 15° to 6° 45° N and the logitude of 116° to 117° E.

The distance between Kota Marudu from the following destinations are:

  • Kota Marudu - 130 Km
  • Kudat - 90 Km
  • Kota Belud - 60 Km
  • Pitas - 52 Km


Kota Marudu is made up of 3 distinct area i.e. mountainous terrain, valley and the coastal area. More than two-thirds of the area of Kota Marudu is situated in the mountainous area. There are 5 major rivers namely:

  • Bandau River
  • Rakit River
  • Bongon River
  • Tandek River
  • Langkon River

There are two mountain within the Crocker Range namely Mount Tambayukum (8,462m) and Mount Tendok Sirong (3,315m). The type of soil found in the Kota Marudu district is the alluvium and sedimentary rock.

Electoral Information

The Parliamentary Constituency of Kota Marudu comprise of the State Constituency of N05 Matunggong and N05 Tandek. As of 31st December 2001, the total number of registered voters from the two State Constituency are as follows:

  • N04 Matunggong - 12,139 voters
  • N05 Tandek - 14,198 voters

Public Facilities

The following are the public facilities found in the Kota Marudu district:

1. Hospitals and Health Centres The Kota Marudu district hospital is located in Kampung Lotong. There are 3 Medical Centres and 8 Rural Clinic in the district of Kota Marudu. In addition to that, the Flying Doctor services and the Sabah Foundation Medical Department frequently visits the remote villages and areas inaccessible by road.

2. Religious and Spiritual Facilities

Religious Centres Nos.
Mosques 13
Surau 32
Church 90
Chinese Temple 2

3. Public Gathering Facilities

Community Centres 8
Village Halls 152

4. Educational Facilities

Type of Schools Nos.
Government Secondary Schools 4
Government Primary Schools 24
Government Aided Chinese Schools 1
Private School 2

5. Mukim and Kampung

Mukim No of villages Population (1999)
01. Simpangan 14 4,012
02. Marak Parak 17 3,869
03. Bongon 11 3,891
04. Mengaris 16 5,829
05. Tagaroh 13 3,091
06. Luba Pelumpung 12 2,298
07. Gana 10 2,248
08. Talantang 9 2,592
09. Tingkalanon 13 4,830
10. Ulu Bengkoka 14 2,648
11. Taritipan 9 2,697
12. Ongkilan 7 2,949
13. Batulai 24 4,910
Total 169 45,864*
* Unofficial figures, recorded before the 2000 Census by all JKKK. 
2000 Census states the total population of Kota Marudu is 58,841 people
Source : District Office, Rural Development Office, Native Court, Kota Marudu.