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Max Offers rewards to Kota Marudu to encourage obtaining 5As in UPSR

KOTA MARUDU: Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Dr Maximus Ongkili is rewarding every pupil in Kota Marudu who obtains at least 5A in their UPSR examination with a RM500 incentive to encourage the children in Kota Marudu to show they can excel in studies.

Announcing this at the Headmasters’ Retirement Dinner and 2015 UPSR Excellence Appreciation Night that was held at Marudu Inn Hotel, Dr Maximus who is also the Kota Marudu MP said in his speech that he is proud with the achievement of the schools in  Kota Marudu district which has become second in the whole of the country for improvement in the district average grade performance by 9.67% compared to the 2014 UPSR performance.


For the 2015 UPSR examination, a total of 39 pupils who scored at least 5As, including in private schools,  which sees an increase by 225% from 2014’s result of 12 pupils.


“I am proud of our children who did well during the UPSR and hope this will spur them to continue to do well in their studies. I also hope this will encourage those taking their UPSR exams to aim for at least 5As,” he said.


Beside this incentive, Dr Maximus has also initiated “Super A Student Project” in 2014, whereby under this programme, he said he will reward RM100 for each As scored in the UPSR examination by the pupils from SK Samparita, SK Temuno Teringai Darat, Sk Marak Parak, SK Malangkap, SK Sampir, SK Tagibang, SK Sunsui, SK Koromoko, SK Gana and SK Magandai – the 10 schools that classified as “rural schools”.


Dr Maximus also congratulated two of the rural schools - SK Temuno Teringai Darat and SK Samparita – by proudly having the most number of pupils scoring 5As with seven pupils and six pupils respectively.


“Our achievement was due to the hardwork of everyone including due to the district transformation programme, stress on quality education by the schools, teachers’ efforts, parents, the pupils as well as work done by the leaders.


 “I am sure we can continue this good work and achieve even better because the development aspiration for Kota Marudu continues to be our priority, including in education,” he said.


The MP also urged the headmasters, teachers as well as parents to continue work together to make sure the UPSR performances would continue to improve.


At the event, five retired headmasters Modon Otoh from SK Mangin, Diris Gomong from SK Popok, Greg Doukim Limpat from SK Samparita and Doris Limun from SK Lampada also received their Certificates of Appreciation from the education officer Jidin Janaun.


He also donated RM10,000 to the Kota Marudu Headmasters Council to carry out activities or programmes that can bring education excellence in schools.