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No water rationing yet: Ongkili

KUALA LUMPUR: Despite the current hot spell, state governments have not applied to the Energy, Green Technology and Water Ministry to implement water rationing measures.

Its Minister Datuk Seri Maximus Ongkili said the water level in dams in several states has not reached the critical level as yet.

"Water rationing will be decided by the operator at the state level with approval from the state government.

"After the process is done, only then will they apply to the ministry and we will decide," he told reporters when met at the Parliament lobby here.

He said as long as the water operators in the states can sustain the availability of the resource to the public, the issue of water rationing would not arise.

Ongkili said the ministry, along with several other related government agencies are monitoring certain areas to prepare for a possible cloud seeding process.

He advised state governments to monitor the water level in dams and release water based on the available reserves.

Asked whether the current reserve levels is enough for the current dry season, Ongkili said it depends on the respective states.

"Some states are facing a longer drought and have to be monitored closely.

"The sensitive areas are usually in Johor, Selangor, several parts in Kedah and Penang," he said.


Source - The Sun