Kota Marudu Member of Parliament

Maximus: Clean up the Marudu illegal gambling

Kota Marudu: Member of Parliament Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili concerned over the mushrooming illegal gambling dens in the district.

He said the district must be cleaned up of such activity, besides other alarming social ills such as the presence of illegal immigrants.

Speaking at District Council meeting, here, Tuesday, he said the move was also part of the process to turn the district into a vibrant economic hub for the northern region.

"Kota Marudu has the potential to grow economically and we welcome investors to tap on the opportunities available here.

As such, there is no room for illegal activities, especially those that can create social ills," said the Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister.

He said Kota Marudu should be allowed to grow dynamically in commerce, education, agriculture and downstream activities which would not just benefit the people, but the district as a whole.

Ongkili said he has been receiving complaints from the people on the growing social ills in the district and called on council members and local authorities to be on their toes to tackle these negative issues immediately.

"The local authorities and council members must work together to ensure the town is safe for living," he said.

He said failure to do so would see, the district faced with more social problems, such as broken family and bankruptcy among the people.

Source : Daily Express