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‘Rich’ PBS reps to adopt constituencies – Max

TONGOD: Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) will be introducing an ‘adoption programme’ to ensure constituents’ welfare are met.

Ongkili raising the PBS flag during the PBS Kuamut annual general meeting over the weekend.


The party’s executive Deputy President Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili said PBS divisions led by elected representatives and urban-based divisions are encouraged to adopt at least five constituencies so that the constituents’ grouses are heard.

“We need to realise that the people’s support is important, therefore their needs must not be neglected.

“So we’re thinking that YBs with excess resources can help other constituencies through the adoption programme. They can ‘adopt’ at least three or four, or more, depending on their capacity.

“Through such programmes, we can ensure the Barisan Nasional machineries are also taken care of, especially now with the election drawing near,” he said when addressing the PBS N47 Kuamut members when launching their annual general meeting here over the weekend.

He said the assistance should not be restricted to a particular party member only, but should cover all BN supporters, regardless what party its assemblyman represents.

“There have been complaints over unsatisfactory power sharing and many feel they have been neglected. Under the adoption programme, we can help people in other constituents, all in the spirit of BN. Afterall, we’re all under the same roof,” he said.

On another development, he said the area has the potential for agriculture as it has very rich amount of fertile soil for such industry.

“But there is also a need for basic development such as water and electricity supplies, road and others. We are still far behind in terms of development in Malaysia,” Ongkili noted.

Meanwhile, touching on seat allocation following the latest redelineation exercise announced by the Election Commission (EC), Ongkili said by right, PBS, as a multiracial party, could claim all the 13 new seats, but believe it should be shared fairly among the component parties, in the spirit of BN.

“Take Kuamut as an example. It has always been supporting PBS, but, despite numerous calls from the Lamag PBS people, we believe fielding a winnable candidate would be the best strategy.”

He said they would be discussing on the number of seats needed and that in a non-Muslim majority area, PBS should be the first consideration, being the second largest party in Sabah, with Muslim, Kadazandusun and Chinese representatives as members.

On Thursday, the EC unveiled its proposal to create 13 new seats in the Sabah legislative assembly, bringing the total to 73.

The new seats in Sabah are: N.02 Bengkoka in the parliamentary constituency of Kudat, N.06 Mengaris in Kota Marudu, N.08 Pintasan in Kota Belud, N.13 Pantai Dalit in Tuaran, N.17 Darau in Sepanggar, N.24 Tanjung Dumpil in Putatan, N.27 Dampai in Papar, N.44 Tulid in Pensiangan, N.47 Telupid in Beluran, N.51 Sungai Manila in Libaran, N.58 Lamag in Kinabatangan, N.61 Segama in Silam and N.70 Kukusan in Kalabakan.

The seats are still up for review depending on public feedback.

Source : The Borneo Post