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Where did the Kadazans go, Max? – KSS Tawau

TAWAU: Kadazan Society Sabah (KSS) Tawau has questioned Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) acting president Datuk Seri Panglima Dr Maximus Ongkili for leaving out the Kadazan members in his party when delivering a speech here recently.

Maximus was quoted as saying the membership of PBS is Dusun 40%, Tiong Hua 30% and Muslim 30% at the Tawau Chinese Community Social Gathering Dinner here on Thursday.

“Where did the Kadazan go, Max? Did PBS win more than 2/3 majority without the help of the Kadazans?

“Neither can you say that by using Dusun, it automatically includes Kadazan because you are denying your late brother Dr James Ongkili who even composed and sang the evergreen “Tadau Tagaazo do Kadazan” sung widely in this month of May,” said KSS Tawau branch chairman Edward Supi.

He pointed out that even our present Prime Minister when meeting with the KSS acknowledged that the Kadazans are part of the founding partners in the formation of Malaysia.

In Penampang, he said there are Kadazans still holding division chief post and they should really be wondering what are they doing in PBS now.

“Back in Tawau, private Kadazan houses volunteered to be markas in order to put Huguan Siou and you into the government, on hindsight was it worth the sacrifice?” he said.

Supi claimed that Max also cannot distinguish between race and religion when he said 30% of his members are Muslims. “So where do the Kadazan and Dusun Muslims lie in your statistics?”

“Finally it is the discretion of the people which channel they choose to voice their grouses, whether government or opposition parties, unless Max prefer his government to be a totalitarian dictatorship. After all we only get to see him when election is round the corner,” he said in a statement yesterday.

Max stated in his speech that there is no need to ‘hire’ the Opposition to voice grouses and reiterated that Barisan Nasional is still the best option despite its weaknesses.

“We have so many other ways like the social network and the media. Plus, in any case, the government seldom hears the voice of the Opposition, but we listen to the voices and act on the demands of the grassroots,” he said.

“BN is not perfect. Yet, it is still the best option. BN is still the credible and proven platform for Sabah’s prosperity,” he explained.

The Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister said PBS is the only truly multiracial party in Malaysia, and is stronger than any race-based parties.

Source: theborneopost