Kota Marudu Member of Parliament

‘Super A Student Project’ Initiated To Reward Pupils For UPSR As

KOTA MARUDU (Feb 16, 2014) : Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Dr Maximus Ongkili has initiated a “Super A Student Project“ where pupils in the interior schools of Kota Marudu will get cash reward for each As they score in their UPSR examination.


The Kota Marudu MP said the three-year project would encourage the students to compete to score as many As as possible. They would receive an incentive of RM100 for each As they get in UPSR.

There are 13 interior schools in Kota Marudu situated outside the rating area of the district council. They are SK Marak Parak, SK Sampir, SK Samparita, SK Sunsui, SK Temuno Teringai Darat, SK Malangkap, SK Tagibang, SK Mangaris, SK Mangin, SK Lampada, SK Koromoko, SK Gana and SK Magandai.

Dr Maximus said the project would be carried out in collaboration with organisations keen to assist the rural children as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts.

“Our rural children’s education depends on the collective efforts of the pupils themselves, the school and parents. But their success will be greatly complemented by the attention and support given by their elected representatives working together with bodies and NGOs,” he said.

“This (Super A Student Project) initiative will boost them to aim higher in their UPSR exam and narrow the gap between the academic performance of schools in the urban, semi-urban and rural areas.

“It will also increase the overall academic performance of schools in Kota Marudu and hopefully help us in our goal to have at least one graduate in every village, and at least one graduate in every family,” he said.

Dr Maximus was speaking at the UPSR incentive presentation ceremony on Friday (Feb 14) where 23 SK Magandai pupils received rewards for their 2013 UPSR results. They received a total of RM4,920 from Dr Maximus, which was RM100 for every As, RM50 for every Bs and RM30 for every Cs they scored. Top scorer was Zekri Japiyus Marikau with 3As and 2Bs.

The incentive for the SK Magandai UPSR pupils started in 2011 when Astro implemented a CSR programme to build a RM1mil modern hostel for the far-flung school, to encourage the pupils to attend class and study. Before this, attendance was low and affected academic performance.

The Astro Kasih programme extended beyond the construction of the hostel and infrastructure at the school compound was also provided including the installation of a Maxis telecommunication system. The team also introduced the “Road to UPSR Programme” for the school which consisted of special tuition for the pupils and training workshops for the teachers.

As a result of the continuous monitoring and guidance by the Astro Kasih team, SK Magandai recorded increased overall passing rate of 69.6% for UPSR in 2013, compared with 55% in 2012.

It also made history by recording a 100% passing rate in Mathematics and English for the first time. For last year’s UPSR performance, SK Magandai also beat the 32 other schools in Kota Marudu to emerge as top school.

At the ceremony, the 13 teachers involved in the UPSR tuition programme also received their incentives from Astro director of community affairs David Yap.

“This Astro Kasih programme is a shining example of a big corporation working together with the community and government to ensure rural students get equal opportunity to excel in education. It is not a surprise that this programme has been proposed as a model for other rural schools in the country,” said Dr Maximus.

Thus, he urged other organisations to also extend their CSR efforts in rural areas to enable the people to get better access to opportunities such as in education and basic amenities.

Meanwhile, Emily Jointo, a 12-year-old pupil of SK Magandai, is among the 32 Malaysian boys and girls who have been selected to go to Cardiff in March under Astro Arena programme’s 1Malaysia Cardiff City-Astro Kem Bola. They were chosen from among 2,700 children from all over the country.