Kota Marudu Member of Parliament

Tandek PBS Division States Stand On Hudud

KOTA MARUDU (April 21, 2014): Tandek Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) division passed a resolution rejecting any attempt to implement Hudud law in any state or in the federation as it is detrimental to Malaysia’s future.


Its division chief Datuk Seri Panglima Dr Maximus Ongkili said any move to implement or support hudud law was against the spirit of the Federal Constitution and 1Malaysia.

“Tandek PBS rejects the plan by PAS to table A Private Member’s Bill in Parliament to impose hudud laws in Kelantan. The Federal Constitution guarantees that while Islam is the official religion, every citizen is free to practice their own religion.

“Although they say hudud law will only apply to Muslims, its implementation will dictate the lifestyle of everyone including non-Muslims. This is anti 1Malaysia,” he said in his policy speech during the division’s 29th annual general meeting and division elections here today (April 21, 2014).

Dr Maximus, who is also Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister and Kota Marudu MP, also urged other BN parties including Umno, to make a strong stand against any move to install hudud laws.

“We are concerned that if we allow it in Kelantan it will open the doors for hudud laws to be imposed on other races and in other states.  We do not wish for it to come to this for the sake of Malaysia, all Malaysians and 1Malaysia,” he added.

The party division also passed a resolution rejecting the acceptance as BN party members of any elected representatives who had contested against BN candidates.

The stand was made following remarks by PBRS president Tan Sri Joseph Kurup who had reportedly been in talks with Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives who have left their parties and are trying to gain entry into BN.

“Even I have been contacted by the opposition elected representatives who wanted to jump ship days after the election. They know it was better for them to be in BN as they could not fulfil their promises to their voters.

“But we do not entertain them as PBS holds firmly by the stand of the central BN that elected representatives who were previously BN members but contested against us in the election cannot be accepted by any BN component parties without the unanimous consensus of the BN national supreme council.

“It is BN’s stand that such assemblymen or MPs are welcomed to become Independents who support BN. But any entry to a BN component party must be with prior approval of the BN supreme council,” he said.

Dr Maximus added that it was natural for PBRS which has only one MP and one assemblyman, to want to increase their members just as the desire of other political parties.

“But there are rules and decorum to abide by and we cannot do things at our whims and fancy. Kurup said there is no harm in any independent assemblymen joining PBRS. There is no harm for him but a lot of harm and destruction for BN,” he said.

Dr Maximus said there were also those who were not nominated to contest and have deserted their respective parties and now trying to return to BN’s fold after doing damage to BN during the election campaign.

“If we easily accept them back we are just encouraging disgruntled members in future to contest against BN and return after the fight is over. We will also be encouraging hopping troops.

“Therefore, we cannot be selfish but think of the interest BN,” he said, adding that BN’s principles must be upheld in order for the coalition to thrive under the basis of cooperation and unity among its component parties.

“Kurup is a veteran politician and he should know this and refrain from causing instability in the BN family,”   Dr Maximus added.

In the Tandek PBS division elections, Dr Maximus and Tandek assemblyman Anita Baranting were returned unopposed as the division chief and deputy chief respectively. Division Youth chief Christoper Mandut and his deputy Junid Gunsalam were also returned unopposed while Julita Dalinsi was elected division Wanita chief.