Kota Marudu Member of Parliament

Ongkili: Village Headmen And Village Committee Heads Must Carry Out Duties Diligently

MATUNGGONG (June 16, 2014): Village heads and heads of village development and security committees (JKKK) are reminded to conduct their duties diligently and faithfully in assisting the government to administer villages.

 Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Dr Maximus Ongkili, who is also Kota Marudu MP, told the village committee chairmen to step up and take their duties more seriously as they were the “eyes and ears” of  the government.

Speaking to 114 village committee chairmen who received their appointment letters for the Matunggong sub-district on Monday, he said that while some of them were elected, they were also appointed and paid by the government. (The remainder of the 158 village committee chairmen in Matunggong are still serving their terms.)

The MP said it was the prerogative of the government to decide on the terms of their services and they could have their services terminated if they under-perform.

“The committee must sit for a meeting at least once a month, with proper minutes taken which should be submitted to the district office. This way, the efficiency of the village committees will be assessed every six months.

“Your duties are to assist the government in ensuring development programmes and services are successfully implemented and delivered in the villages. They must know what is going on in the ground.

“You are the government’s agents in the villages to communicate to the people about government policies and programmes and provide true feedback to the government on the community needs,” he said.

Dr Maximus also said that Barisan Nasional’s defeat in the Matunggong state seat during the last general election was a signal that the village committee needed to be restructured to ensure its efficiency.

“It is time for an overhaul and I hope the chairmen will not perform like the previous committees. The village committees must be very aware of what is going on in the ground and ensure that our programmes and efforts reach their intentions.

“The village committee must always know whenever an outsider or undesirable element enters the village as part of its security surveillance,” he said.

Dr Maximus also told the village committee chairmen and village heads that now was the time to oil the machinery to win back the hearts and support of the people of Matunggong.

“It is time for the village committees to reclaim the loss of support of the people of Matunggong in their respective villages. Take this as a new chapter for our administration in Matunggong because at the end of the day the opposition who won the seat could not serve the people and the people still rely on Barisan Nasional to fulfil their needs,” he said.