Kota Marudu Member of Parliament

19th Rural Transformation Centre in Sabah

KOTA MARUDU: Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Dr. Maximus Ongkili welcomed the setting up of mini Rural Transformation Centres (RTCs) as a novel and innovative idea to ensure villagers get access to information and government services, youth training programmes, support and financing for entrepreneurs as well as education.

However, he called on the Rural and Urban Development Ministry to provide more of the facility in rural constituencies which were usually spread out, including in terms of area with large population and accessibility problem.

"The availability of the centres is important in reaching out the village folk in efforts to improve their economic status. It is also an important platform to spread awareness among the youth and villagers on the training, education and other opportunities made available to them" he said when launching the mini RTC at Kampung Pinatau which was established by the Rural and Urban Development Ministry.

Dr. Maximus, who is also Kota Marudu MP, pointed out that some parliamentary constituencies however had more than one district under it and should have more than one RTC to serve the people.

The RTC at Kampung Pinatau is the 19th in the state. The centre serves and area within the radius of 100km.

Dr. Maximus also said Kota Marudu had a lot of development taking place over the past years and it also has a community college which is one of the five in Sabah.

A lot of plans have also been put in place to further develop infrastructures and facilities in the district.

"The government has provided many opportunities such as training and financial assistance for the youth to start businesses and it is very important that these opportunities are made known to the people to enable them to effectively benefit from them.

"As such, platforms such as RTCs are very important to disseminate such information to the people" he added.

The launching of the RTC was conducted in conjunction with the MARA Entrepreneurship and Education Carnival organised by MARA Sabah.

Later, at a Meet-the-People-Session with people from seven villagers at a community hall at Kampung Tangkol, Dr. Maximus updated the people on the status of native land title application in the Kota Marudu constituency which overlapped with a huge piece of land approved to Begaraya Sdn Bhd for a reforestation project.

He said efforts were ongoing to have more land surveyed after five villages have completed survey work. Out of this five villages, two have received communal titles while the other three are awaiting issuance.

"Communal title is the approach taken to obtain rights for the villagers at land which has overlapping claims with Begaraya.

"As a next step, subdivision of titles is in the process of being done for two villages that have obtain the communal titles. Aside from this, applications to survey 10 villages under the PANTAS programme have been submitted," he said.


Source - The Borneo Post