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MoU on security label for electrical equipment signed

KOTA KINABALU: The Electricity Supply Division (BBE) of Sarawak Public Utilities Ministry yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Energy Commission (EC) to have a security label for electrical equipment from the state recognised and accepted for distribution in Sabah and Peninsular Malaysia. 

The agreement addresses enforcement issues caused by the use of Sirim label authorised by BBE in Sarawak that are different from the security label used by the federal authorities for electrical equipment in the peninsula and Sabah.

EC chairman Dato’ Abdul Razak Abdul Majid said the MoU was also aimed at coordinating government policies and procedures in manufacturing and importing electrical equipment, in line with the two agreements signed by Malaysia, namely the Asean Sectoral Mutual Recognition Arrangement for Electrical and Electronic Equipment (Asean EE MRA) and Asean Harmonized Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulatory Regime (AHEEERR).

“Through this MoU, a total of 34 electrical equipment categories and standards that need to be adhered to, had been identified and agreed upon by both parties.

“Among the controlled equipment are plug top, air-conditioner, vacuum cleaner, socket outlet, fan, washing machine, ballast, water heater and others,” he said.

Abdul Razak informed that the MoU would be in effect for five years starting immediately and extended for another period to be determined later, if both parties were satisfied with the implementation.

“It is hoped that this agreement will boost cooperation and coordination of enforcement and monitoring activities, especially in ensuring imported electrical equipment sold in this country are authorized and adhere to safety standards set by both monitoring bodies.

“Also, any existing differences and constraints in enforcing the law, be it in Sarawak or in Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah, will be overcome and handled well,” he said.

The agreement came about after the EC found that the electrical equipment brought in from Sarawak to Sabah had a different Sirim-EIU label compared to the Sirim-ST used outside Sarawak, which made it difficult for EC enforcement activities to monitor import and use of electrical equipment not approved in Sabah.

Subsection 97(1) of the Electricity Regulations 1994 states that no person shall manufacture, import, display, sell or advertise – any domestic equipment; any equipment which is usually sold to the general public; or any equipment which does not require special skills in its operation unless the equipment is approved by the EC.

Regulation 98 meanwhile states that any equipment that has been approved must be labelled in a manner determined by the EC.

The MoU has 12 articles covering among others the role of both parties in receiving and recognizing lab test reports, and setting a uniform list of electrical equipment and standards for the purpose of issuing approval for manufacturing, import and display of electrical products.