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Hostel facility promises better learning setting for pupils

PITAS: SK Nibang headmaster Abdul Malik Madtasin has a goal of achieving 100 per cent passes in the UPSR examination next year.

He is confident that this is achievable for the remote school located in Sabah’s northern Pitas, thanks to the newly built 50-bed semi-concrete rural hostel costing RM350,000 that will enable most of the 74 pupils to stay in the school compound and have a better learning environment.

“The district education officer challenged us to achieve the 100% passes goal and we readily took it. We are very grateful for this facility made possible through funding by Yayasan Albukhary and through the efforts of Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili.

“Now the children can stay in the school compound instead of being hindered by distance, the rough journey and weather from attending classes,” said Abdul Malik.


He added that the school made some breakthrough in the UPSR examination by achieving an increase of 20% in passes this year. Next year, four pupils will be taking the UPSR examination and he aims for two pupils to achieve 6As and the other two to achieve at least 6Bs.

SK Nibang is the fifth rural school to be completed under the initiative by Yayasan Albukhary, which is working together with Kota Marudu MP Dr Maximus to provide the facilities at remote rural schools where absenteeism is high due to the children having difficulties to attend classes because of distance and travelling conditions.

Dr Maximus said he was not limiting the aid to his Kota Marudu constituency but to needy schools in northern Sabah. The other school in Pitas that had benefited from the semi-concrete rural hostel is SK Pantai while the other three are in Kota Marudu.

“We propose to build another one in Pulau Banggi,” he said during the launch of the new hostel earlier this week.

Dr Maximus said such cooperation with the private sector and NGOs is crucial in assisting the government to develop education infrastructure in the rural areas.

For teacher Jabrin Oyuh, 35, who is also chairman of the Kampung Nibang village committee, the school teachers would have a more exciting time teaching as they expect to have full class attendance with the completion of the hostel.

Jabrin related that often times he had to persuade parents to send their children to school and it was hard to convince them to do so, as some of the pupils had to walk 5km through the jungle and cross a river just to get to school.

“Now since the hostel is just 100m away from their classroom, we will be able to organise more academic and curriculum activities with full pupil attendance,” he said with a smile.

Present at the event was Malakoff Corporation Berhad vice-president Shaharul Farez Hasan, who represented Yayasan Albukhary.


Source - The Star