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PBS: Sabahans are tolerant, united and peaceful by nature

PAPAR: Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) secretary general, Datuk Johnny Mositun, said Sabahans were tolerant, united and respectful towards each other by nature.

“This is reflected in the way we always come together to celebrate each other’s religious and cultural festivals, no matter what race or religion we profess.

“This augurs well for the peace, harmony and progress of our beloved state,” he said at his residence at Kg Sungkadon where he hosted friends and well-wishers at his Christmas open house.

Among those present were the Speaker of the State Legislative Assembly, Datuk Seri Syed Abbas Syed Ali, PBS deputy president cum Minister of Energy,

Green Technology and Water Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili, and political leaders from BN parties as well as the opposition.

“It is true what Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said when he visited Sabah shortly after becoming Prime Minister, that Sabah is the best example of good inter-communal and inter-religious harmony that other states should emulate.

“This is the manifestation of the 1Malaysia concept in practice for all to see,” Mositun said.

On concerns about the rising cost of living and the economy, Mositun said the situation was brought about by a combination of internal and external factors.

“PBS is well aware of the situation, not just the economy but also the security situation.

“As the second-biggest BN party in Sabah, our leaders at both state and federal levels are working closely with the Federal Government to sustain economic growth, contain rising cost of goods and services at a reasonable level and also ensure the security of our people and sovereignty of the state and country.

“For this I call upon all quarters to support and cooperate with the Government and lend their undivided support to the Prime Minister,” he said.

On the proposed re-delineation of electoral constituencies for Sabah, Mositun said the Elections Commission would conduct the exercise in 2016 and complete it before the next general election.

“The SPR (Elections Commission) has indicated that Sabah will be getting at least seven new state seats, and possibly more, because of geographical factors and population growth.

“Ours is a very large state and more elected representatives are needed to serve the people effectively,” he said.

Mositun said he had been given to understand that Papar was among the constituencies proposed for an additional state seat, tentatively to be named Limbahau.

“PBS has been lobbying for better representation of the KDM community, and the SPR seems inclined to agree,” he said.

I am hopeful, therefore, that this will become a reality and that by the time the next general election is held the Papar Parliamentary will have three state seats, that is, Pantai Manis, Kawang and Limbahau, which is a predominantly KDM area.

Let’s wait and see,” he said.


Source - The Borneo Post